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Zimbabwe to print own version of US dollar bill

The governor of Zimbabwe’s central bank said it will begin issuing its own version of the US dollar bill. The cash-strapped country will start using the bond notes in October,…

Who Gains From the Conflicts Plaguing Oil-Rich South Sudan

Eight Civilians Killed in UN Camp in South Sudan Amid Violence Escalation UN mission in the country (INMISS) said in a press release that eight people in a UN camp for internally displaced people were killed over the last 24 hours…

Strong earthquake hits sea off Indonesia

No tsunami alert issued, casualties or damage reported after deep magnitude 6.1 earthquake strikes Flores Sea Indonesia lies within the Pacific’s “Ring of Fire”, where tectonic plates collide and cause…

Mystery Deepens Around Fate of Julian Assange

By Zero Hedge The following tweets posted by WikiLeaks yesterday set off a massive bout of speculation over the fate of Julian Assange who has been holed up in the…


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